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We are so blessed to live at this time; the age of "communication and technology."  As a society we are able to do things that even a couple of generations ago would only have been a flight of fancy; a fantasy of fiction.  The very technology and swifter and more effective modes of communication,  which were supposed to give us more freedom and bring us closer together, have, in many ways, complicated our lives with a plethora of activities...and although modes of communications are constantly improving, it seems that we communicate less. 

In a society where there is so much activity and a general fear of "missing out" on the latest events...where more attention is paid to the instruments of communication than to the person right in front of us...we run the risk of becoming depersonalized and alienated.

It is a joy to be able to write a brief foreword to this BLOG.  I feel that it is a little oasis in the desert of activity and hubbub.  As we go through our hectic daily schedules, from activity to activity, we seldom have the opportunity to  meditate or focus on the people and the things that are truly important.  We often live rather shallow lives...a reflection of our  society.  The stories in this BLOG are not only the personal stories of events that have profoundly touched the writers....but, like myself, I am sure that they will have resonance in the hearts of all the readers.


I wish to thank Fanny for taking on this wonderful task of love and reflection.


Msgr. Pablo A. Navarro


October 2018

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